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How do I find someone in my area I can trust to take care of my home and my family?

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Where is the best place to search? Are there references? Are they certified? Find out more information and the right the questions to ask: What to Ask Before Hiring a Babysitter

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Buck Buttom Line: Specializing in nannies and babysitters, you can review profiles and find babysitters, nannies, pet sitters, house sitters, elder care providers, and tutors.
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Buck Buttom Line: Find qualified nannies, babysitters and adult caregivers in your area. They have no agent fees and provide free background checks and plenty of references.
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Sitters, Day Care, Nannies Articles

Don't Just Put an Ad In the Paper
When searching for someone to watch your children, ads in the paper or online might have their place, but you never know who's going to be reading them. You will have to be extra cautious with any interviewees with such an approach, and make sure their references are impeccable.
How to Determine How Much You Should Pay a Babysitter
Are you looking into getting babysitting services and need to know how much you can expect to spend? Babysitter’s fees can vary depending on the person, the number of children that need to be cared for, and even the level of experience the babysitter has.
What to Ask Before Hiring a Babysitter
Hiring someone to watch over your children is a big decision, and not one to enter into without doing some investigation first, especially if the one you're hiring isn't someone you know well already. We've all heard the horror stories of abusive caregivers, but far more frequent than these are incompetent or neglectful ones.
What’s Really Reasonable to Ask of a Babysitter?
When people hire a babysitter, for most the primary reason is to keep their children safe and secure, to protect them from outsiders but, most usually, themselves.