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7 Window Installation Tips

Installing replacement windows can be challenging. However, with a handful of window installation tips you can make your job a lot easier and pretty much be assured of success. Let’s take a look of what you will need to do to.

Take Your Time to Take the Right Measurements

Probably the most important tip of all is to make sure that your initial measurements are correct. Take the time to carefully measure your window openings because if you get this wrong nothing else you do can make it right. And it’s not as simple as taking one measurement for the width and another for the length.

How to Measure the Width

Always take at least three measurements. Measure the top, middle, and bottom of your window opening. Unless you are going to shim out the jamb liners (which is not all that difficult) these measurements should be the same or the window will not hang correctly.

Always take at least three measurements. Measure the top, middle, and bottom of your window opening.  

How to Measure the Length

You should also take three measurements of the window’s length, from the top left hand corner to the bottom left hand corner, from the top middle to the bottom middle, and from the top right hand corner to the bottom right hand corner. All the measurement should be the same.

Make Sure Your Window Opening is Square

You can either use a carpenter’s square to make sure that the opening is square or, if you don’t have a carpenter’s square you can take diagonal measurements using your tape measure. Here’s how.

Stretch your tape measure from the upper left hand corner of your window opening down to the lower right hand corner. Make a note of the exact measurement. Then repeat taking this measurement, but this time go from the upper right hand corner down to the lower left hand corner. If your measurements are exactly the same and the length and width dimensions also match then your window opening will be perfectly square.

Carefully Remove the Window-Stop Molding

The window-stop molding is the molding that’s on the inside of the window opening. It makes up half of the grove where the inner slash slides up and down. Carefully pry the molding away using a small pry bar.

If it’s an older house and if the window-stop molding has several layers of paint on it then you could use a razor knife to slice a fine line in the paint to make it easier to pry the molding off.

If you find that the molding was nailed into place then use a linesman’s pliers in order to pull the nails out. Do not hammer them through the molding.

Pre-finish Your Windows Before You Hang Them

It’s a lot easier to paint a window while it’s in your garage than when it’s on your house. And if you pre-finish windows before you hang them you won’t have to deal with any paint that might spill inside your home.

Sell Your Old Windows

Instead of throwing away your old windows contact a nearby architectural salvage company. They might buy them because most people that preserve historical home want to use old glass and old window sashes in the restoration.

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