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Pool Remodels That Make a Big Splash

A swimming pool remodel to your backyard or patio can substantially pump up the fun factor of your home. However, the decision to undertake a swimming pool addition comes with an important set of considerations. Most homeowners prefer in-ground swimming pools as a long-term option. Regardless of which in-ground pool you choose for your swimming pool remodel, the average overall cost is approximately $100,000. In-ground swimming pools fall into one of three categories:

In-Ground Vinyl Liner Swimming Pool

This type of pool uses a vinyl membrane to contain the water. It is the most affordable in-ground pool option. However, vinyl liners are more delicate than solid liners and can be punctured. Sometimes sand is used in lieu of a concrete mixture on the bottom, and a layer of wall foam is included beneath the sand. However, tree or vegetation roots sometimes penetrate the liner as they grow.

If appropriate precautions are not taken, pets and pool maintenance tools can accidentally puncture the liner. Over time, sunlight and pool water can cause liners to deteriorate, causing the liner to become fragile and susceptible to cracking in pressure areas. Bacteria can also discolor a liner. It is important to install a high-quality liner with a coating that protects the liner from these kinds of issues.

Vinyl liners might bubble off of the substrate if your property has high ground water tables. Therefore, special consideration is necessary when planning the placement of in-ground vinyl liner swimming pool remodels. Avoid swimming pool installation in places that likely have high water tables. In high water table conditions, hydraulic pressure can cause the substrate to collapse.

Fiberglass In-Ground Pool Kit

This kind of swimming pool remodel implements a fiberglass resin one-piece shell, which is inserted into the dug-out space. It costs more than a vinyl liner and costs about the same or a little more than concrete. A fiberglass swimming pool installation might outlast vinyl, but once it starts to deteriorate, the breakdown process happens quickly. If the gel outside layer ruptures, water can get underneath it and produce de-lamination and blistering in the layers of the shell.

Once the gel coating becomes deteriorated or discolored from the sun and pool water, it is challenging to repair the pool without re-coating the whole shell surface.

During this swimming pool remodel process, a truck moves the fiberglass shell to the site and a crane lifts it into place. After it is inserted into the ground, the installer connects the plumbing and backfills sand against the shell. Typically, a concrete deck is added to defend the border of the shell against oxidation.

Concrete In-Ground Pool

Concrete in-ground swimming pool remodels are the strongest in-ground pool option, lasting 15 to 18 years or longer. These pools have "shotcrete" pool lining mixtures and are blown into place. Shotcrete is a type of concrete grout that sets quickly. It is pumped via hose onto the pool"s inner surface with compressed air. Concrete plaster linings are effective at holding water and strengthen they continue to cure. However, after about 15 years of wear, the plaster gradually dissolves in pool water and requires re-plastering.

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