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Top Notch Vinyl Siding Installation

How would you like a relatively low cost do it yourself project that can beautify your home and make it much easier to maintain? Well, if you have a several of days to spare and are moderately handy as a do it yourselfer, then it’s possible for you to side an average size house with vinyl siding. And you can probably do it single handed unless you’re up on a ladder. Then you’ll want some assistance.

Vinyl siding, which comes in a variety of styles and colors, is quite easy to install because the siding is sold as a complete interlocking system.  

Why is Vinyl Siding Installation So Easy?

Vinyl siding, which comes in a variety of styles and colors, is quite easy to install because the siding is sold as a complete interlocking system. You can get everything from the foundation to the roofline. This even includes a matching system that you will use to cover fascias and soffits.

Vinyl siding, which is designed to look like wood shingles or clapboards, has some wonderful architectural details. You can add a fancy trim piece such as a fluted corner post or use a decorative scallop piece to cover a portion of your wall that’s been previously covered with plain siding.

And if you want detail you can get cornices with surround trim and dental block for doors and windows. This can really tie the design of your doors and windows into the surrounding vinyl sided wall.

This type of siding is so easy to install that unless you’re a novice it probably isn’t necessary to hire a contractor.

You Will Have Several Choices

One of the choices you will have to make when you order your siding is whether or not you want it to be insulated. Unlike solid wood siding, vinyl sliding comes in preformed sheets. The space behind the sheets can be filled with backer boards, which are molded panels of insulation.

You’ll also have to decide whether or not to get trim pieces. When you install your siding you’ll find that you’ll be putting together lock-together components.

Since vinyl siding contracts when the weather gets cold and expand when it gets warmer, you can use trim pieces to cover the built in expansion joints. These trim pieces will give the new siding on your home a finished look and will help to cover any minor mistakes you might have made.

Low Maintenance Living

Once your home is finished you’ll find that vinyl siding is extremely easy to keep looking new. Vinyl is such a low maintenance material that you will only occasionally have to wash off the accumulated grime and dirt. And you won’t have to break your back to clean it. You can do that with a garden hose or a high pressure hose.

One thing to consider if you’re going to take the do it yourself route is to make sure that you follow the techniques and use the tools that are recommended by the company that manufactured your siding. That’s because although the mounting systems are similar in concept the do differ a bit from one brand to the next. And, if you don’t install your siding properly it will be prone to distortion.

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