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Choose Steel for Siding Replacement

If you are in the market for siding and want the most durable, toughest siding that will outlast any other home siding on the market then you will want to take a look at steel for siding replacement. And when you know that for only a couple of dollars more per foot you would be able to buy seamless steel siding, then this could leave cement and vinyl as siding choices in the dust.

...steel has been flagged by environmentally concerned consumers as a superior "green" product.  

Steel is Durable and Made to Last

Unlike aluminum and vinyl siding, steel resists dents, bumps, and dings. It’s strong as nails and, aside from its potential to rust, is one of the most durable siding products on the market.

Even rust can be prevented provided that the siding is properly installed and well maintained.

When steel siding is properly installed the edges are covered and will not be exposed to the elements. Do that and the potential for rust can become virtually non-existent. The only other contingency you should be aware of and deal with is if the siding gets scratched and the protective paint is removed.

Should that happen just take a small touch up brush and paint over the scratches. If you do that in a timely manner then water won’t reach the steel and it won’t rust.

If you repaint your siding approximately every twenty years you can anticipate that it will last about 40 years.

Although many people purchase aluminum siding because they think it will last they find that, although it has many of the qualities that steel has, it has a propensity to being dented. After a heavy hailstorm, for example, one in which steel will remain unscathed, aluminum can look badly battered.

Although wood is beautiful and fiber-cement has become more popular, you will have to devote a bit of time and money to maintain either of these siding choices. Both have to be painted every three to six years and wood can rot and become infested with insects.

Some people prefer the easy maintenance and low cost of vinyl siding, but prefer the look and durability of steel to it as well.

Steel Siding Will Insulate Your Home

If you live in a cold climate and have your home sided with steel you will find that it is an excellent siding material. Because of this you will see that your heating costs go down in the winter without sacrificing your comfort. And, during the summer, your cooling cost will go down as well.

Steel Is a Green Product

You might be surprised to know that steel has been flagged by environmentally concerned consumers as a superior "green" product as well. That’s because steel siding is made predominantly from recycled steel.

So if you need to have your siding replaced, or want to change the look of your home, or would like to save money on your utility bills, then you should take a look at steel siding and see what it can do for you and your wallet. After all, if you have your home resided in steel by a qualified siding contractor and then properly maintain it, you will probably never have to have your home resided again.

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