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Energy Efficiency

Save money with energy efficient appliances, energy efficient home heating and energy efficient windows and doors

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Energy Efficiency Tips to Cut Costs and Preserve the Earth

Most families spend well over $1,500 each year on utility bills, but a significant amount of that energy is wasted. The electricity generated by fossil fuels for a one home in a year emits more carbon dioxide into the air than two average cars. Energy efficiency improvements can make your home more comfortable and pay off financially in the long term. Dramatically lower utility bills are more than worth the cost of energy-efficient appliances and other eco-upgrades in your home. These improvements can also yield a significant return on your investment if and when you sell your home.

The following projects can be found in the Energy Efficiency Category: Energy-Efficient Appliance (Major Electric Appliance) - Install or Replace, Energy-Efficient Appliance (Major Gas Appliance) - Install or Replace, Energy-Efficient Appliance (Microwave Oven) - Install or Replace, Energy-Efficient Appliance (Smaller Size) - Install or Replace, Energy-Efficient Remodels and Renovations, Home Energy Audit, Greenhouse - Repair, Greenhouse or Conservatorium - Build, Recycling, Solar Panels/Electric System - Install, Solar Panels/Electric System - Repair, Solar Water Heater System - Install, Solar Water Heater System - Repair, Storm Door - Install, Storm Door - Repair, Energy-Efficient New Windows, Energy-Efficient Doors (Exterior) - Install or Replace, Energy-Efficient Doors (Interior) - Install or Replace,