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Your Guide to Affordable Home Renovations: Duties of a Designer or Decorator

Enlisting a designer’s or decorator’s services for home remodeling projects is becoming more and more common. Knowing what you can expect from this type of professional will enable you to decide whether you want to hire one, and will help you get the best-designed result for what you want to spend.

Deciding on a Designer

It can be difficult to pinpoint a designer or decorator that you want to work with. These professionals have different personalities and design styles—thus, it is important to find an individual that complements you and your tastes. When shopping for a designer, you should visit their personal websites to view previous work and get a feel for their background, credentials, and interests.

A face-to-face meeting with a designer will give you the best idea of whether he or she will be the best person for you to work with on your project. You will want to be assured that the designer will your ideas and opinions into consideration, keep the project on track, and stay within your budget. Do not hesitate to inquire about details, including how the designer charges for services, and how exactly you will collaborate on the project.

Plan Your Project

Once you have chosen a decorator for your project, you should carefully consider the project itself before meeting with the decorator to get started. It is wise to make a list of each thing you hope to accomplish throughout the project. As you speak with the designer, you can discuss each item in detail and determine the level of involvement for each of you. For example, you might want the decorators advice on every single aspect of the project, or you might want to be the decision-maker for some items. Establishing these roles in advance will help avoid misunderstanding and enable the designer to estimate his or her fees more accurately upfront.

Home Improvement Homework

Once a homeowner has chosen a designer to work with, the real work begins. Clients who do their homework prior to meeting with their designer for the first time will help their projects move forward much more efficiently.

Before the first meeting, homeowners should make a list of everything they wish to accomplish during the course of their project. This list will communicate what items the designer will be hired to complete. Some clients want designer advice on every aspect of a remodeling project. Others are content with just a little design advice, and are comfortable making some decisions on their own. A thorough list will help their designer estimate his or her design fees more accurately.

Budget Matters

Only you can determine a realistic budget for your personal finances. It is equally essential to discuss the budget with your designer so that he or she can determine how to best tackle the project. If a designer does not have a target dollar figure to consider, he or she cannot determine how much to spend on big-ticket items such as furniture and key elements in a room, which can vary greatly in cost. With budget and all other aspects of your project, it is beneficial to everyone for you to be honest and forthcoming with the designer regarding your desires and expectations.

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