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Expand Your Home’s Horizon with an Amazing Addition

Additions can be a worthwhile investment for both your personal enjoyment and the resale value of your home. Room additions and expansions can equip a home with the additional living space necessary for families have grown or expect to grow. The cost of a home addition is often much less than selling your current home and moving into a larger one.

Some popular home additions include a family room, a bedroom, a kitchen bump out, or a garage with a finished living space overtop. These days, most families and potential homebuyers want ample space to relax, entertain, host overnight guests, and set up nurseries and children’s bedrooms. A kitchen bump out or addition is another smart home expansion option. It is wise to consult a local real estate agent to determine the potential return on investment of any home addition.

Additions also afford the freedom to customize your expanded space. It is wise to consider and remain consistent with the style and period of your home when planning a room addition. This will ensure that your home flows well and looks polished and deliberate. You should evaluate the aesthetic appeal of where your home addition attaches to your existing structure, and choose appropriate exterior and interior finished materials.

Most of the standard trades that are required in building a new home are also necessary for building a room addition, especially if the home addition includes a kitchen or a bathroom. Therefore, you will need to produce a set of buildable room addition plans, pull building permits, and hire either a general contractor or subcontractors for each individual phase of the project.

Home expansions can be disruptive to occupants. Planning ahead can help you and your family to avoid some of the potential inconveniences related to home additions.

Study Your Plot Plan

Prior to kicking off a home expansion project, analyze the plot plan of your property to determine your room addition options. The following items will determine where you can position your room addition, and will be evaluated by the building inspector when obtaining a permit:

  • Property setback regulations (if these requirements are not included on your plot plan, and other times you might need to consult your town building inspecting or zoning board)
  • Artesian well location (if applicable)
  • Septic tank and leach field
  • Drainage or utility easements
  • Underground utilities

Examine your home’s rooflines and existing doors and windows, especially on the side or sides of the home where you want to construct the home addition.

Construction Plans

Home addition plans should outline the dimensions of the new room, how it will tie into your home, and a list of materials to be used in the construction. To obtain a building permit, the plans should include cross-sectional views of the room, from the concrete footing pads all the way to the roof.

Working with Contractors

Selecting contractor(s) is the most important decision in the home addition process to ensure your expansion is built correctly and complies with your timeline and budget. Consult neighbors and friends and websites that include ratings and reviews to identify high-quality contractors.

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