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MoreBangForMyBuck is a resource for individuals and families looking to lower their financial expenses, maximize the savings on their household needs, and get the most value out of every dollar they earn. In it you will find a comprehensive resource with all kinds of smart and interesting ways to maximize your money and, well, get More Bang For Your Buck.

We know there are plenty of websites that help you save money on consumer goods like electronics and music. But when it comes to financial products and household needs you need to go to many websites and perform countless time-consuming searches. Our mission is to do the work for you. We aim to compile the best of these sites and organize them in a way that makes it easier for you to compare and get the best product or service for your needs. Whether you are looking for auto insurance, credit services or even babysitters, our site is comprehensive, straightforward and educational. is also a resource for people find the new service or piece of information to make their lives easier. Where do I sign up my products for recalls on products? Where do I get on the "Do Not Call Lists"? Where do I find the truth on credit card regulations? How do I use Skype to as a free Internet phone? Did you know there is a website that will tell you the lowest gas prices in your area? Or give you the cheapest shipping costs by comparing all the major shippers? Or even a site that can compares the cost of grocery items in your local supermarket. Our editors and contributors have extensive experiences in the financial and insurance industries. But most importantly, they have the same goals and needs as you.

We invite you to explore the site, click on the links, and check out the companies listed. And we would love to hear your success stories if these companies are able to help you in some way. Plus, if you have a website you think we should include on our site, please let us know.

Please bookmark us and visit often. We have lots and lots of great information we are adding onto the site every week.

Thank you from the editors and contributors of

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